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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
Another thing that really bugs me is the disparity in bread served at meals down south. Some restaurants down south serve southern style biscuits, which are the most delicious f-ing things I've ever had, but other restaurants (particularly bbq restaurants) just serve white bread. And it's not even good white bread; it's the crappy ghetto white bread that you'd pick up for 50 cents a loaf at a bodega in nyc. wtf am i supposed to do with that sh1t? dip it in bbq sauce? the whole concept just baffles me
the bread is there to soak up everything. traditionally, real bbq places dont serve food on plates, and give u butcher paper or newspaper as a "plate" and put the bread down then bbq on top of the bread. in restaurants with plates, the bread is just kind of a tradition so they still serve it.

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