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QUESTION: "Can I interchange RHD power folding mirrors from the UK onto a LHD car that is in the USA? Will I lose the curb tilt function?"

ANSWER: "The Curb Tilt function is determined by the in-door/glove box mirror module ECU units and not by the mirror's motor. However the module seeks out what it reads as the passenger side mirror to tilt it when the gear R is engaged. So you would lose this function on the car.

Also the angled mirror base inside the mirrors are different between mirrors made for RHD and LHD cars. The passenger mirror glass on RHD and LHD cars sits on an adusting mount that is specifically angled with respect to the driver's point of view so when the entire mirror housing body is mounted on the car the driver can only adjust the mirror glass within the parameters of the original mirror housing location-this is why the parts numbers are different between LHD and RHD mirrors.

Basically what would happen is I would put a set of original RHD driverside mirrors onto my LHD car's passenger side location and find that I cannot adjust the mirror glass on the passenger side to a position where I can use the mirror as a passenger side mirror.

That mirror would only adjust as if the driver was sitting in the passenger seat and driving the car.

This is because the car's ECU that controls the mirror is reading your original RHD driverside mirror that is mounted on my passenger side as a driverside mirror and is assuming the driver is sitting in the passenger seat next to the mirror."

LHD car with passenger side mirror shown:

RHD car with driver side mirror shown:


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