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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
I think the curb tilt function will stay on the passenger side as long as you keep your original modules. The mirrors will be angled slightly different, but electrically there should be no differede.

Also it's worth noting that the LHD and RHD mirrors are the same for the M3
Hey Terra. Good to see you buddy!

You meant same parts numbers and everything between M3 RHD and LHD cars?

I spoke with a BMW guy who sells both RHD and LHD mirrors over in the UK when I was there about this and he went over this with me but I never asked about the M3 mirrors.

Did you just get the housing or the entire assembly?

The RHD mirror glass on the passenger side is different in order to make objects closer than they appear.

He had showed me this. At the end he said I could buy RHD mirrors and swap the internal adjusting motor mounts for the mirror glass between the two side mirrors to get them to mimick the original positions.

But for M3 mirrors I think the mirror glass mounts should be the same all around due to the shape of the mirror housing and glass mirror.
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