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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post
Hey Terra. Good to see you buddy!

You meant same parts numbers and everything between M3 RHD and LHD cars?

I spoke with a BMW guy who sells both RHD and LHD mirrors over in the UK when I was there about this and he went over this with me but I never asked about the M3 mirrors.

Did you just get the housing or the entire assembly?

The RHD mirror glass on the passenger side is different in order to make objects closer than they appear.

He had showed me this. At the end he said I could buy RHD mirrors and swap the internal adjusting motor mounts for the mirror glass between the two side mirrors to get them to mimick the original positions.

But for M3 mirrors I think the mirror glass mounts should be the same all around due to the shape of the mirror housing and glass mirror.
Yeah on the M3 LHD and RHD is identical. And in the UK, both sides use the aspherical mirror glass (considerably wider than the US passenger side mirror).

Even for sedans and non-M coupes, the internal motors are identical. Look it up on realOEM. So the only electrical difference will be the mirror modules inside the door panel. So no matter which mirrors you use, the right side mirror will tilt on LHD cars, left side on RHD cars. Your contact is mistaken.

To sum up: M3 mirror housings are identical between LHD and RHD. Glass is the same for all European M3s (aspherical)

Non-M mirrors are electrically identical between LHD and RHD, but theyre angled differently. This is more noticeable on the coupes. Again, glass is the same for LHD and RHD (both sides are aspherical)
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