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Originally Posted by hummer View Post
No, No, No!
There are always two or more schools of thought when it comes to issues like these. A better service to members would be a poll to illustrate experience with these items rather than the sky is failling, replace everything now approach!
My experience:
Fuel pump - 10 years 160K, relay still Ok at 175K
Battery same. Alternator suffered a bearing failure at approx 120K
Cooling system - original tank, hoses and radiator still in at 175K
- water pump replaced when it actually started leaking at 114K

As you can see, if I had gone into panic mode at 60K, I would have spent a whole lot of money for nothing. The only thing on the above list to be changed regularly is the fuel filter. So, for a commuter like mine the experience may be totally different from a ham fisted tire burning drifter.
Honestly, I have to disagree. Maybe it's because I only have one car so when something fails...I get totatally screwed. If I had another car I wouldn't be so concerned with keeping mine running. I think that given the fact that the car is averaging around 10 years old is enough.

It isn't always miles that wears parts, it's age. My fuel pump actually died on me yesterday, no start, straded in a grocery store parking lot. (Thank god for AAA) I have ordered my part and am waiting to change it myself, the fuel pump and filter were on my list for the next round of maintainance. Luckily, it was a Sunday and not this morning before work.

My bottom line is that PM is the best thing you can do with our e46, I just spent around 200 dollars for new oring, pump and fuel filter, and that is going to buy me peace of mind for a while.
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