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Originally Posted by FenderGuy05 View Post
Honestly, I have to disagree. Maybe it's because I only have one car so when something fails...I get totatally screwed. If I had another car I wouldn't be so concerned with keeping mine running. I think that given the fact that the car is averaging around 10 years old is enough.

It isn't always miles that wears parts, it's age. My fuel pump actually died on me yesterday, no start, straded in a grocery store parking lot. (Thank god for AAA) I have ordered my part and am waiting to change it myself, the fuel pump and filter were on my list for the next round of maintainance. Luckily, it was a Sunday and not this morning before work.

My bottom line is that PM is the best thing you can do with our e46, I just spent around 200 dollars for new oring, pump and fuel filter, and that is going to buy me peace of mind for a while.
You mean your fuel pump didn't send you an e-mail asking if yesterday at the grocery store was a good time to fail?? Shocking!
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