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Originally Posted by toddz View Post
Thanks. Just spoke with my very trusted mechanic and he said the same thing...with the exception of that he has a "great tranny" guy.
i'd avoid rebuilds if necessary. those are a crap shoot waiting to happen and often causes more headaches even with a warranty than usual unless its an OEM remanufacturered one. Moreover, the transmission is way more complex than an engine to begin with and very custom to the make and model of your car so any missing or incorrect small piece is a giant crap shoot waiting to happen.

I had a similar issue with my e30 when i first bought it. Shifted like crap on the original 200k transmission. without a moment's hesitation, I opted for a rebuilt one for 2k... worst mistake ever cause the new shiny transmission turned out to have some errors that caused pressure build up (and puking fluids as a result). I made this professional reinstall my old one on his dime, change the fluid and it shifted a whole hell lot better than the remanufactured one.

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