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Mileage is really not a factor with fuel pumps, its hours. Unfortunately there is really no hour meter for the pump.

Case in point, if you live in a major metro area and commute daily, you will not rack up much mileage, however, the pumps will have lost of time on it. So if your commute is 10 miles in stop and go traffic and it takes you 45 minutest to get to work, this is very much different than driving 60 miles in 45 minutes. This is a difference of 6 times the mileage for the same length of time.

I can tell you the E39 M5 are dropping pumps at a very similar rate to the E46. Mine went before I bought the car at about 70k miles in about 7 years.

I have replaced 2 other E39 M5 pumps withing about 8 years. One had about 100k miles, the other about 120k miles.

It seems 7-8 years is about the problem window.

If you have more than 8 years on your pump, thank the fuel pump gods and keep a pair or tennis shoes in the back of the car.

I have a neighbor that had an E46 that failed at about 8 years, 110k miles.

I can assure you that other than hard failures there are a number of soft failures that cause the suction jet pump to perform poorly and drain the passenger side tank and cause you to run out of fuel.

What gets me is some owners proactively replace their battery every 3-4 years, which is a good thing, but for slightly more than a cost of a battery they will not replace their fuel pump.

If your battery dies, usually you can jump start or roll start the car, not so easy with a bad fuel pump!

I can say over the past 3-4 weeks it seems that about every 10-15th post is about a fuel pump failure.

Again, the other way to verify if your pump has been replaced previously it to pull the rear lower seat, check the rubber sound proofing horse shoe shaped piece on the passenger side and see if the 4 or so connection tabs have been cut, if not, you likely have your original fuel pump.

It just seems that most of the pump failures are very inconvenient and have cost owner more money due to no being able to shop parts and possibly labor for someone else to install your pump.
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