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Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
Ok here is a good one: Hawaiian BBQ. WTF?

Lemme get this straight, you guys just basically took spam, BBQ and mac and cheese from the white people, terriyaki and white rice from the Japanese and smashed everything together into this unoriginal and boring hodgepodge of foods I have already eaten before. The whole thing just seems like a waste of time.

Potato Salad.. Fatty, smelly, acrid, slimy and cold. No thanks.
Mayonnaise.. See above. Also overpowering.
Mayo is great, but can be overused to no end. When I make lobster salad, I usually use a teaspoon of mayo and a liberal squirt of lemon, toss the hell out of it... a little bit goes a LONG way

Potato salad doesn't bother me, but I usually pass on it at cookouts 9/10 times
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