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Someone posted this on Facebook last week:

I think mainly it only "reveals" that people knew 9/11 was going to happen before it did. Whether these were people with ties to Al-Qaeda, the Gov, or whatever is still in question.

1 is easily debated. Just because we had him on video saying he did it doesnt mean all that much, and it's probably not like he had his hands directly on any part of the project. He could have just been a figurehead.

2 Could be coincidental, or where Al-Qaeda got their plans from.

3 idk about the building. Seems like if it was an inside job, it would have looked more authentic if it didnt go down

4. Maybe terrorists invest in the stock market too?

5. just because they were trained at military bases doesnt necessarily mean we knew they were terrorists.

6. idk. Maybe we just assumed we knew who did it, where in Columbia's case, we had no idea how it happened at first, and needed to figure it out so it didnt happen again.

/my contribution to the thread.
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