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Originally Posted by kaboo0m View Post
kickass Jason, thanks again for your info. This is the setup I'm planning to do if you are curious:

Stock XI Struts/shocks and Springs
15mm front drop hats/5mm lower rear spring pad.

Standard XI Suspension vs Standard I Suspension Height:
23.85in vs 23.19in (Front) = .67 inches difference
22.52in vs 21.85mm (Rear) = .67 inches difference

Custom Stock XI Suspension vs Standard I Suspension Height (Projected):
23.26 vs 23.19in = .1 inch difference
21.93 vs 21.85in = .1 inch difference

so there you have it. it is going to be as close to I specs as possible without having to shell out a whole lot of money (aside from the stock parts)
Can you post up actual part numbers and part information for myself and others who are curious as to what exactly you're replacing to get this drop?
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