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So...I fuucked the fleshlight NWS

Original thread

As some of you know, this thing was ordered and sent to my house. No friends owned up to doing it, and I'm not sure how it would be fraudulently purchased and sent to my address either. I was told by the bank to send it back but knowing how the banks work, they didn't do any real research so it just sat in the box on my dresser because I was lazy to actually bring it to a ups box.

I recently received a letter stating that the fraud case was closed and my money was back in my account for good. I guess pending investigation they could take out the $80.

So the other night I was thinking, why not? Open the sh1t up and see what it's like.

It's a very flimsy soft rubber "sleeve" that goes into the plastic. Luckily this thing came with lube because the fit is very tight. I tried to shoot right into it to make my "session" clean as possible but it just wasn't happening. To avoid dick burn and pulling the sleeve from the "holster" I just dropped some lube in.

I was pretty embarrassed trying this thing out but I just went for it. I said "who gives a sh1t".

This little invention just changed the masturbation game. IT IS AMAZING. I know there are a lot of virgins around here so if you're wondering what vagina feels like go ahead and get one of these things. It's more work than you're conventional spank but it's worth it. It has a very tight feel but it's a little cold. Maybe one day I'll put it out in the sun for a few minutes. Cleaning it is super easy though. Just run it under the sink with some soap and it's like you never banged it. I have yet to give it a cream pie though. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Possibly in the near future.

I'm paranoid I'm going to leave this thing out by accident though lol.

I'm opening up the floor for questions so ask away.

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