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Originally Posted by alexxander.foster View Post

Do you think its possible to integrate the MS43 into the 323 and 328s without swapping out the wiring harness? My thought is that if we could reduce the cost of an MS43 swap, that would solve our problems of a smaller throttle body. If someone can avoid buying a wiring harness from a 325 or 330, that would save a substantial cost. I'd love to map the differences between the two DMEs and figure out how similar/dissimilar the two really are...
I actually posted in your other thread. I do think it's possible since on a cursory look it does look like that for the most parts the signals are the same with a few pins jumbled. It's just going to be a bit of a project to correlate everything


Well the Alpina does seem to be using an M52 motor (if you look closely, you'll notice it's single VANOS). However, it also seems to use the MS42 ECU - meaning it should be possible to convert it completely to a mechanical linkage (which would perhaps allow the usage of an S52 TB w/ some physical modification). Someone who's a bit more experienced at disassembling ECUs than me might be able to figure it out. (It might actually be possible to run an S52 directly off an Alpina map since the displacement is pretty close, but that's for another thread lol)

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