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Originally Posted by alexxander.foster View Post

Ill just reply here, since this is likely the most fitting location.

That's fantastic news about the similarities between the two DMEs and their wiring harnesses. If X60003 and X60004 can be modified to work without a new harness that will save a bunch of money on an MS43 swap.

Someone on the forum already went through the trouble of posting the pin-outs for the MS43 so that cuts the amount of work down considerably, but its still going to be a pain.

Determining the differences between the two DMEs would be extraordinarily difficult to do alone, I could really use some help. Would you or anyone else be willing to help work out the differences?

Thanks for brainstorming!

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I am willing to help during my free time, which admittedly isn't much these days thanks to an internship I started - I'll see what I can do though

Edit: taking a closer look at the differences - it seems the MS42 DME had a few diagnostic signals that are not present on the MS43. The MS42 has wires for the "engine start signal", oil presssure, battery voltage, etc... so it seems that some signals are monitored differently between the two cars. I don't think this is a show stopper, I think those wires just ultimately end up getting wired directly to the cluster or something.

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