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As for a PM thread, check this link -

It is fairly complete, the only things that may not be in the first post are possibly the fuel pump/filter/relay and buying a 2nd key for the car.

We see time and time again, problems lately with fuel pump/fuel filter/relay failures leaving people stranded and/or with performance problems that linger on after much more money is spent on other PM type of items that could probably wait.

For example we see coils, VANOS seals, MAF's, DISA's, complete CCV's, valve covers and all sorts of other things sometimes replaced in an effort to sort idle and cold start problems. Many of these items are a problem and do cause issues, but would it be great if you replaced the fuel pump, filter & relay for less that just the cost of a MAF or many of the other stated repairs and it solved most of your problems and improved your cars reliability?

You need to triage these cars to help determine what should be replaced first.

As for the 2nd key, most used BMW's seem to only come with 1 key. Within a short period of time it seems like about 20%+ of the owners loss or lock their only key in the trunk. Then they are in panic mode and have to pay full pop at the local dealer for a key and have to wait for 1-4 days to get their key depending on when and where it is ordered from. So getting either a $60 replacement key or a $160 replacement keyfob should be very high on the list for new owners. Do not let the dealer sell you a $60 valet key when you can get a "master" key for same money that opens the trunk and glove box!

As for JOFJ, see the first link below in my signature or look very carefully under Mango's picture in his signature, he has 3 links, but they are not as pronounced as my links.

Some folks seem angry that I posted this, but my intention is to inform the community and make them aware that fuel pumps are problems and for less than $200 spent on your own time can head off a future problem, probably improve driveability and save you at least $200 and a lot of time if you replace the pump/filter/relay as a PM item.

Face it, there are only a few things that really strand these cars, fuel supply issues, crank & cam sensors (cam sensors are more likely to fail), intake boot failures (but they rarely strand your, but for $30 why not PM it, and cooling system failures.

Yes batteries are problems, but usually a jump or roll start may get you going, can't do much to really convince a fuel system problem to clear itself enough to drive reliably.

So it is not a bad idea to really reflect on what is important to you. If time, money and inconvenience is not important, then do not do any PM.

If you are a gambler, then at a minimum replaced your fuel filter and swap the fuel pump relay with the horn relay. Then you can decided if you should buy a pump and gasket for $110 and keep it in the trunk along with the tools, or wait and see if your car ever needs a pump?

My wife has an '06 E46 Vert with 60k on the clock. I need to decided when I pull the trigger. I think I should at least buy the pump and gasket now and have it on hand. My bet is if I have the pump on hand, it is like buying a snow blower, it will not snow that Winter! But at least I have it in hand and can put her on the road in 45 minutes. I will swap the pump relay as I would bet the horn has only been used about a dozen times in the car and the filter will be replaced soon during Inspection II next week that will be performed at no cost as the car has extended maintenance that the original owner purchased and was transferred when we purchased the car as a CPO.

It is well worth the small expense in my household for peace and tranquility not to have my wife stranded and upset at the car and me!! If she knew I had her sitting on the edge of a limb for less than $200, she would have my jewels in a vice!! So I will likely be placing my BMW pump order very soon!

As they say YMMV, what you choose to do is up to you, I just wanted to point out my observation and views and how I will likely handle my own situation.
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