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Originally Posted by kyle808 View Post
so like the first time you fvcked it, did you have any moment of hesitation at all and thought about what you're about to do? Or did you just went for it right away?
Once I was in I was like omggg. Some of my first few times I unloaded rather quickly.

Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Thread is hilarious.

But seriously, game changer? This thing can't be that's a rubber tube thing that you oil up. Just like the real thing? C'mon...
go try your hand and then try this. It is a game changer. It's like asking if pvssy is great. I closed my eyes last night and imagined a vag hopping on me and it feel real brah.

Originally Posted by davide330 View Post
So did you hold it and bang it or lie still and move it up and down with your hands?
If I lied it down it would just stick to my dick. You have to jerk it. Even lefty works and we all know how jerking it with our week hand usually goes.
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