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It's actually not that bad.

For the MDK/EDK stuff, post number 5 just about covers it.

On X60003, 6 pins from the MDK are retained (and just have to be rewired into the EDK connector at the TB side); the other 4 are discarded. And the SAP signal has to be switched from pin 3 to pin 52.

X60004 are where the pedal sensor/driver's wish connections ended up. You're best off just making your own harness for this. Its only 6 wires, and it's not particularly hard to route wires from the DME box to the firewall. Now what may prove to be problematic is the "fuel tank leak sensor" depending on what kind of hardware that requires... but someone retrofitting an MS43 harness would also have to retrofit that, so it may not be that big of a deal (or it doesn't throw a code). I would not worry about pin 18 - it's just for the butterfly valve in the 330 exhausts. It's completely optional (won't throw a code)

Now the other difference are the various diagnostic signals (battery, oil level, pressure, temperature, etc...) - we'll have to go through the diagrams to figure out what BMW did with them.

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