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Originally Posted by postal View Post
I'll be doing mine on the weekend - you're making me a little nervous.

Really dumb question, but have you thoroughly degreased the entire engine? If you're going off smell, how do you know there isn't a leak elsewhere? I ask because a) maybe you had a brain fart and the leak is elsewhere, or b) if you didn't have a brain fart, what did you use to diagnose where the leak was occurring if it isn't visible (as I may need to use your trick)?
I actually did degrease the engine the last time , not all of it though. I know its the VCG for three reasons A. I see traces of oil on the hose right below the VANOS, and B. after I re-install the VCG everytime I go ahead and clean the aluminum bay to the left, and when I check it later on (after I smell the burn) I can see remainders of burned oil. C. Sometimes I would open the hood and I will see smoke coming from the top left corner of the engine (right under the VC) so I'm confident its the VCG.
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