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Exclamation Advice needed HR/ Engineers/ Professionals.....negotiation skills 911

It's about $$$ so Iposted it here...


I?ve been in this situation b4, ? SO close yet so FAR?? The HR touched base me with yesterday, basically feeling me how interested I am to work for the company ??and I played the game.

My humbled reply was ?It depends, I need to see the offer package first to cross reference on my current benefits/ base compensations that I have at work right now.? Followed another series of questions, asked me if I have current other offers pending, I gently responded that ?I don?t but I have a scheduled interview next week for a Biotech company.? Lastly, asked me my benefits I have at work like 401k, stock options, bonus?..etc. As noted, I played the game??I boosted some of the factors of course LOL

She gave me positive information about why they like me and the opportunity they can offer within their firm. The discussion was smooth and fairly short ~20mins. She assured me that w/in 24hrs a verbal offer will be made to move forward. Once both parties agreed, offer letter will follow instantly.

HERE?s the problem??.. VERBAL offer sucks coz now the HR got the advantage and they can fcK u up. NOTE, not recorded as far as legality??ur screwed. Unforeseeable events can occur, HR can be involved in a accident (GOD forbid), jail, court?..etc?.. (GETTING THIS). She slightly pointed out that the process is verbal then finalized it with the offer letter thus after the offer is documented?.negotiations is restricted.

I will try to convince her that I need legal offer letter on my hand to cross reference and review then I?ll give her my answer?.. HOPE that works.....
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