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Some comments on a couple of different posts:

AFE: From what I've read, the AFE intake is a tough fit due to the xenons, so make sure you check that out.

My setup: I have the BMW Perf Intake, an AA tune, and a Sprint Booster. They all contribute small pieces as to how the car feels butt dyno but non of them is overwhelming. I like my AA tune but I don't think it's 15 hp gain. (Or maybe it is but you don't REALLY feel it). All three contribute to a better driving experience, throttle responsiveness. (Side note: power pulleys didn't seem to do anything for me).

@Jim - spot on with a modified 135. Friend has one and it absolutely blows away a 1M, over 400 HP... it's a beast!

STEP S/W: I'd love to get the STEP s/w but there really is no definitive answer on it, sounds like it's an incremental increase from what I've gather, just like the others. Eurocharged has a tune that also modifies the STEP... I would have gotten that one but I already had my AA tune. They (Dinan) just need to put that STEP s/w on sale as it's expensive. I've emailed Dinan asking about the STEP s/w with an AA tune and have never gotten a response.
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