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Hey Hornung418, dont worry about "keeping up", TerraPhantm and I were collaborating on that one so we got it done faster. Also TerraPhantm already looked into this a while ago so has been several steps ahead of us.

Just keep truckin on whether or not the same sensors, switches, and motors that are hooked up to the DME are the same for both. Do you want some help?

Originally Posted by Hornung418 View Post
Holy ****...I can't keep up lol I'll just look at the spreadsheets and drool on myself.

Do I need to continue to find the differences in the physical data collection points or are we good on that?

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That sounds reasonable about the instrument cluster. It would save us a lot of time if we could ignore the instrument cluster for the initial test fire of the DME swap. It'll also help us troubleshoot if there's a problem since there are fewer modified connections.

I think we need someone with an MS43 to help us through the next step. I've got a friend with a 330, I'll ask him if he's willing to test our instrument cluster theory.

In the mean time, I want to take a look at the pin locations of the later versions of the MS43. If the connections are similar then that will increase availability of used DME and EWS combinations.

Another question: Can a DME and EWS be installed and paired to the original keys that came with the car? Or do we have to buy a set with a DME, EWS, key, and ignition lock cylinder?

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It's hard to say with 100% certainty, but my gut feeling is that it will start. The cluster is still receiving the same signals it needs to. What I'm not sure about is if the cluster is capable of "broadcasting" that information over the K-BUS, or if it's even necessary.

One way to test would be to put an MS42 cluster in an MS43 car temporarily. It would best be a cluster from an early build, since at some point MID MY2000 (I want to say 04/2000), BMW put an updated cluster in the MS42 cars which ended up being the same one that early MS43 cars got.
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