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Hey All,
I Installed M3Evo's 150 rom last night. It runs great and I am having no issues at all on my Android "V6" (before the D95 and 99).

-Currently running with the 3 partition recommendation 1 Fat32 1 Ext2 and 1 Linux swap on my 8GB Sandisk.
-Boots in about 15-18 secs with no additional mods.
-All functions work well

I've always had a problem running Pandora and Google Nav in tandem. Separate they are ok, but when running them together there is an issue. It seems as if there isn't enough processing power to have Pandora playing, then run Google Nav. I'll hear skips in the music and the occasional "seizure" (loud repetitive noise) from the Dynavin.
Well I can finally rejoice, I found a solution! I run Sygic Aura (Offline Nav) and Spotify. They work great together. I can start up Spotify and start listening to a song, then fire up Sygic with NO skips in play and no annoying repetitive sound! Honestly, this is all I ever wanted from this unit, to listen to music while having my offline Nav running. Whether I have a damn destination or not, its nice to just look at a screen with a GPS map running. With this Rom, Sygic and Spotify I am finally able to do it!

I haven't had a chance to play with any of the recommended apps, or test Sygic with Pandora. I'll report back when I get around to playing with them.

Thank you very much for the rom!
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