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Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
Can you confirm the linux swap works? I have my 8GB sandisk partitioned with 1GB linux swap and the remainder as FAT32. However, when I run "free" from a console. I get 0 bytes swap total.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? If I add another 1GB partition ext2, will that help? From my understanding that is just for app2sd?
I will check it later today and see if it is recognized by the OS.
My swap is 32mb, and my ext2 is 1gb. I read that most swaps are ~32mb and for the ext2, anything over 1.5gb may become unstable.

Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
Gam3r, google nav and pandora both are streaming apps....its probably not processing that is the problem.....if you run both at the same time its the speed (and stability) of your internet connection that is most likely going to be your "weak link." In a moving car this can be VERY challenging....

By using Aura you are leaving the internet connection with only one job to do with the available bandwidth instead of two.
Hey Jeff,

Glad to talk to ya.

Yea its possible that may play a part; a bad connection will pretty much hinder any program. However, it does it when I am connected to my 35mb Fios router. It may just be a quirk with how the hardware interacts when streaming music through the dongle. I know this sucker can download at 2.2mb/sec. I saw it when downloading my maps for sygic. I'll keep playing with it and if I pinpoint what it is, great. I might even document some trial runs and see what's up because I'd really like to stream music + Nav smoothly if possible.

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