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Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
Hmm... Maybe I'll drop the size of my swap and add an ext2 partition.

Have you noticed any performance increase?

From the desk of Dwight Schrute
It definitely seems snappier, but that might be because of the new 150 rom. I wouldn't say that swapping makes it faster at all. It probably just helps in case the system runs out of on board memory.

If I had to put money on it, the lines in bold from the updates below are probably why it feels faster.

From M3Evo's post:

- Fast and stable with V6 Script baked in
- New Car Widget for easy access to main apps
- Gingerbread Launcher
- Tasker for automation and running scripts
- File explorer
- Pandora with no commercial and unlimited skips
- Updated all Google apps up to 06-24-2012
- Removed some system apps that are not needed to free up more memory
- Automatic Swap on memory (if you have a swap partion on your sdcard /dev/mmcblk0p3)

Also, when you are doing the partitions, use the partition software that M3Evo suggested follow the instructions

In addition to those instructions, here is what I did:
**Do each partition one at a time and in this order***
First the Fat32 (press accept and let it partition/format)
Second the Ext2 1.5gb or less only (press accept and let it partition/format)
Third the Linux Swap 32mb (press accept and let it partition/format)

Here is the link to the software and instructions:
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