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Cool! More data is starting to line up. This is very promising news. Hopefully the actual application of this lines up with what we've been researching.

Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
03/2003 is when they switched to the MS45.1 (in the US/Canada... ROW stayed with MS43 for the entire E46 production run), so that makes sense
Fantastic! I noticed that the SAP valve showed up on some searches for the 325, but I read that they discontinued the SJP valve on the MS43 so I was confused. That makes perfect sense.

Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
According to RealOEM, the M52TU cars and the M54 cars both use the same SJP valve though (until 03/2003 anyway).
Hey smooth1,

Thanks for pitching in, the help is much appreciated sifting through all this data!

I guess I'm not sure that there isnt a second pin on the MS42. I've triple checked all of the pins for both the MS42 and MS43. Everything matches up except for four things:
- throttle body
- accelerator pedal switch
- secondary air pump valve

I'm going to do some more digging today to make sure, but I think that the SJP and the secondary air pump valve are the same thing. If thats correct then TerraPhantm and I were right to assume pin 3 need to be relocated to pin 52 for the MS43 swap -we just thought that the pins performed a different function.

Originally Posted by smooth1 View Post
Edit: According to the MS42 datalogging protocol there's an output for the secondary air valve and the secondary air pump relay just like MS43. You sure there's not a second pin for it on the MS42?
No worries man, the only reason I have time for this is I'm procrastinating summer school homework -haha!

I haven't looked into p/n's for the 328 or 330 yet, but the 323 and 325 are all the same up to 03/2003. I posted a link to the a part comparison spreadsheet in post number 1 if you want to check it out. Do you need help looking up numbers for the 328/330?

Originally Posted by Hornung418 View Post
Sorry guys, I've been predisposed working doubles in the heat.

Am I correct in reading that all the engine sensors are the same between MS42 and MS43? I made it to logging all the p/ns for the 328.

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