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Crisis averted!

I dug a little deeper about the SJP and found that it is, in fact, only used on the M52TU engines with the MS42. Its suppose to provide brake servo vacuum assist by use of a solenoid valve. I'm not really sure why it would be needed, but it cuts off vacuum to the brake servo on command from the DME. For the MS43 they disabled the solenoid pin and replaced the whole SJP valve with an open tube. I posted the updates in post one's X60003 spreadsheet and put a part number next to the SJP pin for the open tube replacement. Depending on how the solenoid works (i.e., if it has to be energized to close, but otherwise is open), it might be fine to just leave the SJP in place.

Also, I figured out why I was getting confused about the SAP -I was looking at a non-USA MS43. When I looked at the USA_LHD MS43 both of the SAP pins were present and in the exact same position as for the MS42 harness.

edit 1:

I caught up to where TerraPhantm was regarding the Fuel leak diagnosis pump. The pin locations and descriptions are as he says. Additional info: The MS42 uses a 3 pin leak diagnosis pump and the MS43 uses a 4 pin leak diagnosis pump. I agree with TerraPhantm that it would be minimal wiring to impliment, but it just seems like a lot of work for something I dont care about I live in California so I will have to deal with this eventually, but I would MUCH rather just get a euro tune and ignore this stuff for now.

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