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Originally Posted by eddyys View Post
Can't wait for it to get here! Just hit a 104 today here in DC and with Autox coming up the last thing I want is my engine calling it quits.

Do you know of any braided oil lines as well? Rather do it once and right.

Thanks again!
Damn that's HOT If ANYONE is doing Road Racing or AutoX, this is a must buy. The factory lines work just fine. You won't need braided ones.

Originally Posted by gixxer
I think this will fit, but just to confirm, any known issue in fitment with AA gen 3/level 2 setup? This is their older setup that uses the Rotrex blower.

Anything i should ask my installer to be sure the fitment will go smoothly?

The only fitment issues was with the VF Stage 2 supercharger kit that had the air/water intercooler located in that space. I don't believe any of the AA kits have air/water intercoolers. The install is very straight forward and the kit comes with instructions.

Originally Posted by M369
It's ok for me with shipping to France 63430
For thé supercharger version send me price with shipping In PM
We ship these all over the world. I'll have Kirk email you with a quote on Monday. Please PM me your email address and we will get the quote in our system.


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