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Originally Posted by Tarmac_E46_M3 View Post
Well... aluminum radiator is on, cf fenders are on and the li-ion battery is installed. Enough talk.. here are the pics:

I need to drill holes for the side markers and the other thingy

Li-ion battery cradled in the foam it comes with. This is the 404 CCA, 4.2 lbs battery.

I removed the stock battery mounting hardware

And here are the weights:
Stock fenders 6.4 lbs (each) (actual savings 7.2 lbs)
OEM radiator shroud 1.8 lbs
Clutch Fan 4 lbs
Battery mount hardware 3 lbs
Difference between Deka and Li-ion 16.8 lbs

total weight dropped: 32.8 lbs

Now, the OEM radiator came in at 11.5 lbs, roughly. I forgot to weight the Zionsville radiator, but it was very, very light. It it was either around the same weight or a couple lbs lighter. I'm leaving that out of my numbers, since I don't know for sure.

Theoretically, if my math is all accurate i should be at 3007 lbs now!

how is it working out for you in the summer heat.
Did you do a thread on this?
if not can you provide a list of parts and links to them... and a brief writeup on how u did it?
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