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Originally Posted by filipinoise View Post
The way I see it, E46Mango is just pushing everyone to do the maintenance he recommends simply as reassurance. And even if you don't take what he says in the first place, he knows that it'll come back one way or another down in the line since you all clearly care enough to post in the thread. Too much of anything gets annoying and we all know that, but the given fact is that the number of threads people post up here that are in relation to their cooling systems catastrophically failing, cars not starting, and so on simply outweigh these 'safety precautions' (for lack of a better phrase) that E46Mango, jfoj, dmax, etc. go around posting, trying to help out the many members of the forum. The sarcasm may not be completely necessary at times, but when you take into consideration how many times these guys have to type the same thing over and over again.. You may as well want to have a little fun doing it. Just the way I see it, as you guys are taking some of this stuff way too personally. Not biased in any way.
couldn't have said it better myself. having to repeat yourself 10x a day for things that are stickied can be quite annoying. But at the end of the day, it's about helping the community.

As for the "thing's" comment up above about my information being trollsome, there's a distinct difference between people like you and people like us (JFOJ, DMAX, etc):

we're saving cars and saving people money.

you're not.

These cars are cheap to maintain but costly to repair.
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