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Originally Posted by Dibaltic View Post
I never said quality air struts won't handle well, I only said about their stiffness. There is no way an airbag would be stiff enough to keep my wheels off my fenders at the low pressure it'd take to be at my desired ride height. I currently have 800# rear springs and they struggle to keep wheel off my flared fender. I've been in and driven cars with air, bags are stiff as coils at reasonable height, but once you are getting low then they loose all stiffness.

Personally I think the air vs static argument is stupid. It's all in what you want/need for your car to get the desired stance. They both have their pros and cons you just have to weigh them out.
actually, bags can be as stiff as springs. technology and air suspension has come a long way since single-bellow bags. it depends on their psi levels. at around 90/100psi (front/rear), my aerosport bag runs a 10k/12k springrate. most bags fully inflate at around 90-100 psi so the trick is to get the bag to mount lower so that the height you want your car is also the springrate you want. fully inflated, my bag is 9", which is too high if you mount the bag in the normal position, but high enough when you use a modified/custom strut or coilover. lots of trial and error.

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