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Originally Posted by norman_100390 View Post
So i was at my cousins grad party and met this chick. Let's call her "W"

I was standing outside having a convo with my pops by his e90. Cousin comes out of the hall with a couple of her friends. Cousin goes oh is this your bimmer??? I replied and said nah... Mine is at home.

Then one of her girlfriends "w" jokingly asks : "ohhhh is this your bimmer? Bimmer bimmer bimmer " right after I answered my cousin. And I told her: haha no but mine was at home.

Party goes on and it's coming to the end. making my way around the hall saying my goodbyes. And "W" was next to my cousin as I was saying goodbye. She extends her hand and says oh btw my names "W" and again comments on the bimmer. So we shake hands and exchange names.

As I was standing around with some friends near the door "w" walks behind me sliding her hand across my lower back while sayin " oops hehe excuse me" and walks past me back into the room. Thinking nothing of if I too place my hand behind her back guiding her As she walks by.

Still standing by the door she comes back and starts talking to me for a short while. as I was cut off and had to drive home I extended my hand to say it was nice meeting you but she lunged forward with a hug.

I decided to add her at 1:30am and no more than 5 minutes later she added me

So now idk if I should message her or something!
Put it this way. How many other guys do you think she's "added" on FB and then immediately gotten a message from?

Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
I'm somewhat on the same wagon as Dylllos. A bit sick of the dating scene. The last six months being single have been a mixed bag. Sure it is fun to get out and hang with new women. But I also find it a bit defeating how few quality women are out there. Seems like all of them are s'lores.

Would love to find a woman of quality and character that challenges me a bit instead of the typical baggage ridden girl.
Where are you guys looking?

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