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Okay, so if anyone is still following this thread, I wanted to post an update:

I think I've found a way to retrofit the M54B30 throttle body onto the M52TU with an M54B30 intake manifold swap! An MS43 DME swap on the cheap.

While working on my microcontroller DBW interface, I had a thought: if an MS43 swap has come down in price then my DBW interface would be pointless. The more R&D I completed on the DBW interface, the more I realized it was going to cost upwards of $250 plus the buyer would have to pay for an e-gas pedal (~$100) and an M54 throttle body (~$100) for a total of $450. After doing some poking around I found that the cost of an MS43 swap is around $650.

Since I'm just an enthusiast with a bit of technical knowledge, I cant possibly compete with factory level reliability. The best and safest way to retrofit DBW (which I believe to be the only way to preserve daily driver functions and utilize the M54B30 throttle body) is to use the factory DBW system.

So, I stopped doing R&D on my DBW microcontroller and decided to instead try to reduce the the cost of an MS43 swap.

The must haves of an MS43 swap are:
- MS43 DME <03/2003
- Matching EWS*
- Matching key*
- Matching ignition lock cylinder*
- Throttle body
- E-gas pedal
- Various pins and connectors**
Estimated Total: ~$650
Conditional Total (no key, ignition cylinder, or connectors): ~$400

*If you have DME programming knowledge or access to a shop that can get into the DME and EWS, these things can be excluded saving you ~$200
**If you can get the connectors for the throttle body and e-gas pedal that will cut out around ~$50

TerraPhantm, Hornung418, and I spent the last week and a half researching whether or not the MS43 can be retrofitted to the M52TU without purchasing a new wiring harness. Everything we found says that it can with minimal effort. Now we just need someone to try it. Any takers?
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