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"Where are you guys looking?"

I'm 36 and sit in an office all day, I have a small group of good friends but no real circle to help me branch out and meet quality women. I've tried the online thing and thats where I seem to be meeting all these s'lores.

Heck, I even got burnt this past week by the ex. After 6 months apart we spent 4 nights together, she was sending mixed signals but I thought there could be a chance things might reignite. Then two days later she goes home with another guy from the bar while her daughter is at a sleepover. And to think at one point I thought she was a girl of character. Even she is a s'lore. Thankfully that should make it much easier for me to not look back on her anymore.

I think that is part of the reason I am numb about dating....I'm really looking for quality.....not looking for another lame empty hookup.
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