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Originally Posted by filipinoise View Post
but the given fact is that the number of threads people post up here that are in relation to their cooling systems catastrophically failing, cars not starting, and so on simply outweigh these 'safety precautions' ...
well we know that new to the forum members and infrequent posters will post a thread when they have something that goes wrong. that's the way it is in every forum. so i don't believe these cars are mandated to all these suggestions for replacement parts as you may find posted by some(*general statement not about this particular thread).

so there are basically three outcomes in the suggested preventative maintenance.
1) don't do it and perhaps never need it. thus saving money/time
2) do it and spend less time(on your schedule) and less money (on your schedule)
3) don't do it and (likely)spend more money(not on your schedule) and more time (not on your schedule)

these are choices for everyone and each person has their own way of selecting which is their best choice. but it is very good to have threads that show the positives of a particular choice or what could happen on the downside. but "fearmongering" is something i do not agree with.

fwiw i had over 140K on my original fuel pump and was still going when i sold her.
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