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Going to say this once and then be gone...

There are many people on here with 3x the mileage of Mango's 60K service interval on their original fuel pump and doing just fine.
If you want to have peace of mind and spend the hour or 2 to replace a pump twice (total time) and the roughly $250 that takes that is up to you.
For me with CAA and them willing to tow me up to 200 kms it is not mathematically worthwhile to replace the pump until it fails, or shows signs of failing, which it has not.

It is up to the individual, but to say that changing it proactively saves the person money is no more true than saying wait until it fails, both could hold equally true, and in my case as well as many others who have given mileage totals on original pumps, we're saving money by not doing it as a PM item, especially at 60K miles.

PS I'm a technician so saying this is shooting myself in the foot and giving me less work, I also hold an economics degree so don't worry, my math pans out. Up to you whether to trust me or not. I really don't care, but in an era of overspending and lack of savings by young people (we can all agree that runs rampant on here) I would rather you save your money.

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