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Originally Posted by Lethal_Zen View Post
Hi I hope someone can solve this mystery for me, the temp needle on my 2001 316I SE stay stays at bang in center when I'm driving at high revs but as soon as the cars idle when im in standstill traffic or im driving at very low speeds the temp starts rising and creeping towards the red, if i keep the car revving constantly at about 4000rpm the temp starts to come down??? I recently changed the fan, expansion tank, water pump, thermostat and radiator and its been fine since, but is had this issue for the last 2days, any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank You.
Did you follow the proper bleed procedures on your cooling system after such a major overhaul?

Did you check your fan/clutch is it operational and within RPM range.
Sounds to me that it's not drawing enough airflow through the radiator based on your description...

Are you using the A/C?
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