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i have question. What if my new electric fan fails during hot day in city ?
You'll see the temperature gauge moving into the red.

So there is no warning before you end up in smoke and exploded cooling system.
If it goes that far, you're not paying attention.

Mechanical fan is making some drag onto belts and other things but its more reliable beucase it fails rarely and if it fails, you can hear it that fan is not making truck noise. And most of the time when mech fan fail, its always engaged
= its cooling your radiator even when its broken.
The mechanical fan can fail by locking and spinning all the time, which makes more noise but doesn't hurt anything. The mechanical fan can also fail by losing it's blades and sending them into the radiator, and has also been known to dent the hood. If you scan these discussions, you'll find a number of failures like that.

If you want to drive and don't pay attention to the gauges, you're correct, you should stick with the manual and electric fan combination.
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