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Originally Posted by ExitBuddy View Post
I was 1 day late in coming to the jfoj fuel pump party and wasn't aware that it was a candidate for PM and an easy DIY fix. Mine failed and stranded me last Monday, '04 330Ci, 77,000 miles. To make matters worse, the Indy I took it to hit me with a $1000 bill. Now my fuel gauge is wacked. Lesson learned the hard way. Mango has me brainwashed for a cooling system refresh, so it's his fault.
Wow that's a crazy low mileage/age failure. In your thread, I guessed $500 was your total bill--it was $1,000?! Whoa! Yeah the fuel pump is super easy. but when it goes out on you unexpectedly and no parts stores around, you have no choice but to take it in sometimes. Good job definitely do the cooling system.
Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Another pump failure situation on a 2004! -

After 7 years I would be getting nervous!

JFOJ or GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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