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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Yea, I have not stayed on top of the specifics of the E9x, but there has been a lot of noise about fuel pump problems on some of the models.

Lucky for me, I do not know anyone that has an E9x and not sure I would want one, probably just skip that generation?
The rest of the car (especially the cooling system) is robust. Water pumps on those are electric and more expensive than ours but last until around 150k. Most people don't even touch their cooling systems on the E9X. They seem to be an extremely reliable car.

Originally Posted by Vigilante View Post
hmm, so is it VDO that is making bad pumps or is it BMW that makes flaws? I replaced mine for a Bosch pump, I hope it holds...
VDO-Siemens makes bad nothing. It's just a simple matter of fact that all things in life break down. FWIW, our pumps are actually robust outlasting fuel pumps of many cars. My friend's 2001 Firebird fuel pump died at 10 years, 56k miles. And the cost for his pump (online super discount price) is $600. Installing it requires $600 (super cheap indy) labor. GM dealer quoted him $1,700.
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