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Gentlemen I finally got the Dinan Stage II in my car to maximize the use of my BMW Performance Intake. I emailed Dinan and told them my vehicle specs and they responded and told me if I already had a BMW Performance Intake I should get the stage II.
So far from driving around I can definitely feel the difference. The throttle lag is completely gone, I used my stepronic in manual mode and redlined it no problem (just twice I didnt want to ruin my engine) It accelerates much quicker even with a steptronic it was definitely noticeably faster. I was told by the Dinan service guy at Fairfax Service Center that if BMW ever reprogrammed my car for any purpose I can just bring it back to them and they will redo the Dinan Stage II software for free. He also told me that if I get the throttle body I would only have to pay the difference (100) to get a Stage III software.
I like it so far, can notice performance improvement but nothing like OMG!.
Hope this helps might get the Dinan exhaust and throttle body at sometime in the future
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