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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
How did you?
My uncle used to work at Mercedes factory in Germany and he knows people at BMW, had to make some international calls. This dude faxed me some papers from TIS that are conveniently deleted now, on procedures for repairing and reimbursing customers with these sort of problem.. When the dealer gave me a problem about my check being too late (a single day), my uncle complained to a friend who wrote an email to one of the VPs. And I got a call back from the dealer after speaking to that dude on the phone.

Long story short (my car sat at the dealer for about a week at that point), they got the rear of the car rebuilt with the subframe in a week, and gave me a dodge charger rental that was free to play around with.

My phone bill was like 400$ that month..

Funny part was, the head tech said at the end, your subframe bushings are like brand new, and showed me what they got paid from BMW NA, a whopping 9700$ and change.. car was originally bought for 6500$ from Armenian mafia dudes (thats why I thought twice about returning it)

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