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Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
doshu please help me with something.
What model and year is your car?

Is this true?
This was 2000 323CI, it was over 2 years a go, but I swear I had so many people contact me asking me for those TIS documents (not sure where they are now)

But the document explained how repairs should be handled on all E46s not just 99 and 2000, and it went on to explain anything over 20mm (if memory servers me) should be completely repaired, mine had 37mm in two locations. Head tech said, they had maybe 50 people coming on the day of the deadline for the free inspection.

At the time BMW NA was sued about the sub-frame and its condition and for reimbursing people. I remember even calling the lawyer that was assigned by the court for people that had this issue, but that was for reimbursing repairs already done.

BMW of course swept everything under the rug. There was never a recall. We had a thread or two here and bimmerforums that had thousands of posts. At the rate e46s sold you can imagine how many people had the problem. BMW said many things but never admitted any design flaws, even after court ordered extension for sub-frame repairs, which to my knowledge they didnt openly release the date to people. They told everyone free checks were over, and everyone assumed repairs were over too. And when I called them, they literally played dumb.

No body even remembers it now, but yeah, if you see the crack and the fact that only M3s really have a slightly different design, and that they sell sub-frame reinforcement kits, you know its a real deal.

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