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Originally Posted by 325guy View Post
OP buying another car is also a chore and a hassle. I think you should "suffer" through you current BMW. The e46 is an older car so there are more parts that need replacing it is not different than any other car. The e46 however is vet easy to work on and the engineers had mechanics in mind as the placement of everything makes sense! I watched a Audi timing belt replacement and omg it looked awful. Like a seven hour job. Check out vw, Audi, and Volvo repairs...they suck and the engine compartment is impossible to work on. Just stick with what you have stop trying to complicate your life.
Yeah I know what you're saying about it being a hassle to sell, and all. But it's not that I'm suffering with my e90, it would be a move to an e46 to eliminate a car payment. And to let me concentrate my funds elsewhere for a while. Although I guess it's sounding like I wouldn't actually be able to concentrate my funds elsewhere, if I'm always working on my car.

And I absolutely agree with you about the VW/Audi maintenance. Wacky engineering in parts, and I've seen Audis have significant electrical problems. No thanks!
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