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Originally Posted by Pixxy View Post
I would say if cost is your worry then how much longer will you be paying 350 a month and is it still under warranty?

350 X 12 = 4200 a year and if you are no longer under warranty then $$$$ for maintenance and repairs which will be at least as costly as the e46. If the car is almost paid off then i would stick with the e90.

The e46 will be costly at first but most parts you replace wont need attention for years and thousands of miles, maintenance can be done cheaply and easily. Depending on your state you may have to factor in sales tax and registration. Insurance should be cheaper.
Thanks. Yeah, I would be looking at paying on my car for about 2.5 to 3 more years, depending on how much additional money I pay beyond the minimum payment. And one of the benefits of doing this is my transition to self employment would be quicker, and should mean more free time (or at least flexibility) in my schedule, which would be good if I needed to do a repair. My biggest fear is having an issue on the e90 requiring a DIY or pro repair, while I'm also making the monthly payments. That's a lose-lose. So if I could find an e46 that would at least be as reliable over the next couple years, I'd be better off.

And as for the question about just getting a Honda Accord.....I'd just rather not.

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