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Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer View Post
Max drop on 19's give u tuck rears and front...

btw gl with those up north. Salt going to do some damage
Maybe you have the same problem but to a lesser extent, because I've seen a few E46 with ST coils that were slammed. The helpers were still in place, as witnessed by my own eyes.

And like I've said before, this is my summer car. Salt isn't a problem.

To update, I was set on installing everything today but then I just came across the idea of comparing to the springs already on the car.
What I was sent is exactly the same thing. Same height, same number of spindles, same crap (for the mains).

The helper springs are no different. In fact, one says KW and is thinner, and the other is the same type that I already have on my car.
Mismatched helpers is what I received

I've gotten attitude from the KW rep before this, and had to wait over a month for products that were supposedly "being made".
All 4 replacement springs looked like they were sitting in a factory for a couple of months, with more dust than I'd like to see on my TV after a season.
What I ended up doing is raising the back a bit. KW, you've failed.

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