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Originally Posted by ryansteel87 View Post
I did this last year, and it was a piece of cake. I had only owned the car for about a month and had never done any work on it, but it still only took 6 or so hours. I'm sure if you already know your way around the engine it could take much less. The scariest part of the whole thing was taking out the reverse-threaded vanos bolts. I ran "righty-tighty lefty-loosie, now the oposite" through my head about a million times before I put pressure on them, but they came right out. If you follow the instructions you won't have to touch the timing at all.
Yea I read thru the beisan diy a few times and removed my original vanos off my old motor, so I'm sure swapping the two units won't be too difficult. If all you guys have done it without re-timing then you all must be right. I just wanted to double check before I go thru with it. Thanks for the pics too.

Am I going to need a new VCG when I do this? I just put a brand new gasket in with that new motor or do you guys think I'll be safe?

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