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Originally Posted by AfghanScarface View Post
Ok here is a good one: Hawaiian BBQ. WTF?

Lemme get this straight, you guys just basically took spam, BBQ and mac and cheese from the white people, terriyaki and white rice from the Japanese and smashed everything together into this unoriginal and boring hodgepodge of foods I have already eaten before. The whole thing just seems like a waste of time.

Potato Salad.. Fatty, smelly, acrid, slimy and cold. No thanks.
Mayonnaise.. See above. Also overpowering.
Hawaiian BBQ is pretty much a korean-style preparation.
Mac and cheese doesn't really show up in Hawaiian Plate Lunch food. Mac Salad, which is a standard side dish is just Macaroni and mayo...anything else added and it gets further from the original style.

Spam is so popular in Hawaii because for many during the war years it was the only meat they could get. Also it was a staple in the Japanese Internment camps so those japanese got used to it and since many of them eventually moved to/back to Hawaii, they brought that familiar canned meat with them and it became a normal item in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a melting pot of many different cultures so "Local" cuisine reflects this.
They were "fusion" before fusion became hip.
Out of all the States, Hawaii is the most like a melting-pot...CA thinks it is but it is so large that different nationalities can form their own communities that don't really "Melt" into the rest. Hawaii is an island so there isn't that option.

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