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Originally Posted by threetwentyfizzle View Post
Am I going to need a new VCG when I do this? I just put a brand new gasket in with that new motor or do you guys think I'll be safe?
When I bought my car the dealer had installed a new VCG in during their inspection, so I just reused it. If the rubber is pliable and shows no signs of cracking you should be fine. I haven't had a leak with mine and it's been driven for well over a year since my VANOS job. Make sure you have a good quality bit set for when you take the two allen caps off the VANOS unit though. I had some cheap ones and snapped the driver adapter when I tried to take them off. It was a PITA walking to Farm and Fleet to get a new adapter with my car in pieces. Also, do make sure you have a proper torque wrench for the VANOS bolts. If they aren't torqued properly you can snap them off inside your cam gears, which would add a whole new level of suck to an otherwise easy job.

Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
New Permatex (O2 sensor safe) is required.

Do make sure you have new permatex to properly reseal your VCG, and make sure to scrape off all of the old stuff that might stick to the head. Anything that sticks to the gasket that wont peal off easily won't be a problem.

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