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Thank you. I think I have my mind made up that I'll see if anything good pops up, as well as what I can get for my car private party. Took it to carmax today just to see what they'd give me....they offered $14.5k?! No way would I take that, though i wasn't surprised by the lowball offer. pretty much an "average" condition wholesale quote, minus a grand or so. My car was dirty but has no damage other than two small door dings. I think the 4 e90s (two of which silver) on their lot already might have contributed to the offer. I would expect at least $17k-$18k before I considered selling it.

It seems that beyond maintenance, the e46 would be a great car to own. But I'm not going to rush in and just buy whatever. If the right one comes along, I think it could be a good change and a smart move. I do think they are gorgeous and will keep their timeless look until they become even more highly desirable. Much like the e30 is experiencing right now. Plus, I like the idea of driving something more "raw" and engaging.

When took the e90 out today, I did feel a little guilty for all this talk of getting rid of her. She is a good car.
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