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Originally Posted by fiveightandten View Post
-Cooling system - $400
-Intake hoses, VCG, OFHG, and other things that will cause annoyances - $100
-Shocks - $500
-Front control arms and bushings - $500
-Fuel pump - $150
-DISA - $200
-Belts and pulleys - $100
-Fluids - $150
-Clutch&Flywheel - $800

TOTAL = $2900
Why are you assuming that he'd be buying a car that is beat to ****? What is with this assumption that this forum is the only place where people maintain BMWs and any BMW you buy has never been to a mechanic. Everyone I know who purchased an E46 already had almost all that stuff replaced by the previous owner. A car with worn out control arms and bushing won't even pass inspection for him to purchase it, so its unlikely that he'll need to replace them at purchase. Clutch and flywheel?
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